TLCA'09 List of Accepted Papers

  1. Lionel Vaux. Differential Linear Logic and Polarization
  2. Pawel Urzyczyn. Inhabitation of low-rank intersection types
  3. Andreas Abel, Thierry Coquand and Miguel Pagano. A Modular Type-Checking Algorithm for Type Theory with Singleton Types and Proof Irrelevance
  4. Yu Zhang. The computational SLR: a logic for reasoning about computational indistinguishability
  5. Gunnar Wilken and Andreas Weiermann. Complexity of Godel's T in lambda-Formulation
  6. Michele Pagani. The Cut-Elimination Theorem for Differential Nets with boxes
  7. Florian Rabe and Steve Awodey. Kripke Semantics for Martin-Loef Type Theory
  8. Takeshi Tsukada and Atsushi Igarashi. A Logical Foundation for Environment Classifiers
  9. Michele Basaldella and Kazushige Terui. On the meaning of logical completeness
  10. Ken-etsu Fujita and Aleksy Schubert. Existential type systems with no types in terms
  11. Christine Tasson. Algebraic totality, towards completeness.
  12. Lutz Strassburger. Some Observations on the Proof Theory of Second Order Propositional Multiplicative Linear Logic
  13. Florian Stenger and Janis Voigtländer. Parametricity for Haskell with Imprecise Error Semantics
  14. Hugo Herbelin and Stéphane Zimmermann. An operational account of call-by-value minimal and classical lambda-calculus in "natural deduction" form
  15. Makoto Hamana. Initial Algebra Semantics for Cyclic Sharing Structures
  16. Claudia Faggian. Partial Orders, Event Structures, and Linear Strategies
  17. Barbara Petit. A polymorphic type system for lambda-calculus with constructors
  18. Ugo Dal Lago and Martin Hofmann. Bounded Linear Logic, Revisited
  19. Peter LeFanu Lumsdaine. Weak omega-categories from intensional type theory
  20. Alexandre Miquel. Relating classical realizability and negative translation for existential witness extraction.
  21. Federico Aschieri and Stefano Berardi. A Realizability Interpretation for Heyting Arithmetic with Excluded Middle over Sigma-0-1 formulas
  22. William Lovas and Frank Pfenning. Refinement Types as Proof Irrelevance
  23. Colin Riba. On the Values of Reducibility Candidates
  24. Robert Atkey. Syntax For Free: Representing Syntax with Binding using Parametricity
  25. Jeffrey Sarnat and Carsten Schuermann. Lexicographic Path Induction
  26. Dimitris Mostrous and Nobuko Yoshida. Session-based Communication Optimisation for Higher-Order Mobile Processes
  27. Pierre Boudes. Thick Subtrees, Games and Experiments